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Programs & Charities

Namaste, we at the Jyotirmaya Yoga Kendra believe in giving back to our local and global communities.

Below you will find an overview of our approach and the inputs and outputs to our nonprofit programs.


Our Charitable Mission:

JYK mission is to promote humanitarian and environmental projects in local and global communities. JYK believes this enhances a person’s outlook and self-awareness.

Charitable Causes / Work we do:

  • Humanitarian work:

    • Scholarships relating to yoga and upliftment.

    • Food Drives for people going through hard times

    • Sponsoring a Thank You day for those who assist and support people going through hard times

    • Aiding in Natural Disasters Reliefs(food, supplies, monetary donations)



  • International Yoga Society in Loni, India. They look after the local community by providing

  • free hospital services,

  • education for children,

  • also, a place for the elderly.


  • Environmental Work:

    • Beach Cleanup held once a month

    • Helping others grow their knowledge of organic gardening through our Community Garden

    • Street Clean Up, JYK sign is proudly displayed on 44th street in Sunrise, FL (Between University Drive and Pine Island) in partnership with Go Green Broward County.

Programs to help fund our Charitable Causes:

Our fund-raising channels are broken down across a few areas where we ask for a nominal donation for each program. In addition to receiving contributions advice and provide sustainable help to those who use our services:


  • Yoga Classes / Yoga Workshop Program:

    • Creating awareness of one’s self and impact on the world via our Yoga & Meditation Classes. 

    • Vegan Cooking for health classes focused on bettering one's understanding of food.


  • Business Help / Workshop Program:

    • Business consulting and finance topics for everyday life that provides access to services that would generally not available to some people.


  • Garden Workshop Program:

    • We teach people connecting to mother nature through gardening and also consult/help them with their garden for a fixed donation.

As a Non-Profit Guidestar member, our goal is to be as transparent. If you are considering contributing to JYK, please give us a call. We will be more than happy to showcase our ways of working and statements.


























Ways to support our Charitable Causes:

  • Donations:

    • Donations to our Non-Profit Click Here.

      • You can also call us for credit cards or mail us a check

    • Purchasing a T-Shirt (contact us for more information)

    • In-Kind Donations, this means a donation of a service or object that is of a need to our Non-Profit, the attributed value of that service/object is tax-deductible.


          We will provide a receipt upon donation; all donations are tax-deductible.

  • In-Kind Donations

    • Support our charities and programs by giving water, supplies, snacks and other useful material needed. Please see contact info for more details.


  • Funding a specific Program:

    • We will be teaching Yoga and meditation to those who are going through unfortunate times. We are asking for class sponsorship (usually $150-200) per month which provides classes 2x a week.

    • Volunteer your time: (will sign off Volunteer hours if needed)

    • Environmental

      • Our Adopted Street cleanup project*, 1-2x a quarter, please join us. The city will provide gloves, trash bags, safety vests, first aid kits, safety barricades, and manuals.

      • Beach cleanup (one Saturday a month – see activities on our front page)

    • Charity drives / Events / Workshops

    • Cleanup and gardening projects at our specified locations (see front page for more info)*


*Waiver required before volunteering.

We will gladly sign off for volunteer hours for your time.

For collaboration, special events, and other volunteer ideas,

please send us an email or call  or 954-937-8294.



Cleanup | Gardening

  • Beach cleanup

  • Adopting our street

  • Gardening



Local | International

  • Local charities (coming soon)

  • SOS Villages (Sponsoring a child and street outreach program)

  • Sponsoring a free clinic in Loni, India ( 

at the JYK we do community service work
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