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About Jyotirmaya Yoga Kendra

JYK mission statement

JYK's purpose is to spread Vedic and Yogic knowledge under the guidance of Shri Swami Jyotirmayananda and the components of Integral Yoga. Jnana Yoga, going beyond the mind and body with self-reflection. Raja Yoga, using positive thinking, calming the thoughts waves to reflect out into the world. Bhakti Yoga, using the tool of divine love to spread kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and courage. Karma Yoga, combing wisdom, love, and high thinking with every aspect of your daily life to aid in the practices towards self- realization (further working towards samadhi)

Through karma yoga, practicing eco-friendly actions daily towards Mother Earth (Bhumi Devi) through recycling, vegan recipes, and yoga classes in nature. Free literature for all by publishing JYK Monthly Yoga Newsletter, "Aum Shri Yoga"  to incorporate simple practices one can do daily. More importantly, to support humanitarian and environmental (animals and land) projects in the local and global community to enhance the human experience. JYK is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax exempt. 


Spiritual Pledge of Jyotirmaya Yoga Kendra


1. To promote Universal Peace and Universal Love. 


2. To spread the Yogic disciplines within spiritual life. 


3. To promote the unity among all people, regardless of race, sect, creed, and sex; also to promote harmony among all religions with lectures unifying all prophets, saint, sages, and great teachers. 


4. Regular classes in the teaching of  Vedanta, Integral Yoga, other Hindu texts and worldly philosophy. 


5.  To promote the cultural growth of humanity through charitable action, ex. animal refuge, environmental awareness, food health, humanitarian efforts, and empowering children projects.


6. To give guidance, empowerment, and encouragement aspirants all over the world. 


7. Anyone devoted to the ideals of truth, non-violence, courage, and purity are welcome to help with this mission. 


Lalita Kushvati

                                                                     "The Gentle Grass Garden"









Basic Yoga class rules


  • Before attending class, no heavy meals 2 hours before and 1 hour for light meals.

  • Always have a water bottle and towel with you.

  • Wear comfortable, breathable clothing, meaning loose-fitting cotton clothes is a better option. 

  • Class begins with a relaxation warm-up to prepare for the class and ends with a cool down. Please if you come late or leave early, do it as quietly as you can.

  • Please enter class silently to prepare the body and mind for any yoga lesson, and phones must be silenced before class.

  • Please feel free to ask questions after class; sometimes, there are question/answer times during the session.

  • Most of all, enjoy, absorb, and be open to all the possibilities.



"Physical body is a tool in the hands of the soul for working out spiritual evolution and unfoldment."

                                                                                                                          ----Swami Jyotirmayanada



Lalita Kushvati Organic Garden and Nursery


  • Protecting the earth by promoting organic gardening.

  • Environmentally awareness.

  • Promoting divinity in nature through meditation.  

  • Teaching Ayurvedic knowledge. 

  • Connecting healthy food with plant-base and cruelty-free ideas. 

  • Creating community projects about living in unity.

  • Having compassion for animals by support rescue farms.

  • Learning to enjoy the outside through guided nature walks. 





                                           A. Vaani Maharaj- Raghubir

                                                Yoga Kendra Director






Karma Yogi Vaani Maharaj is devotee and disciple of Shri Swami Jyotirmayananda.

She was introduced to yoga at a very young age by her father. She learned from various Hatha Yoga teachers and Indian Classical dance teachers and continued her pursuit into her adolescence. In 2008, she guided to her Satyam (truth) guru, Shri Swami Jyotirmayananda in 2008 and took guru diksha in 2011. Inspired by Swami Ji, Vaani hopes to spread the four paths of Yoga; known as Integral Yoga with a spirituality focus of living in harmony.


Vaani specialty in Indian Classical and Folks dance, nutritional health, and Integral yoga gives her teaching a unique style.  Also, a knack for helping children and youths in the South Florida community with the idea of bringing peace and a central focus in their young lives.  She has also done various classes, lectures, and demonstrations in the West Palm Beach, Broward, and  Dade County areas in South Florida and Switzerland for the past fifteen years. 


Kendra Director
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